5 Timeless Gift Suggestions

For Any Occasion

Gift giving can require hours spent on choosing the perfect gift. But what if you don’t have the time to do all the research, but still want your gift to be a hit? Here are 5 gift suggestions that are evergreen. Why? Because some gifts are timeless and sure to always bring smiles!

1. Wine

You don’t have to pick the most expensive bottle in the store. Pick a brand most people are aware of and choose a type that you think is appropriate. There is very little that can terribly go wrong with gifting a wine unless the bottle you picked wasn’t sealed well enough :-)

2. Plants

Plants add serenity and calm to the atmosphere. They can be put inside or outside the house. You are guaranteed to bring joy to the gift giver with plants. If you have never given plants before, give it a try next time.

3. Books

Books provide you with a wide range of selection from fiction to non-fiction. You just need to have a slight idea about the personality type of the gift receiver. For practical, business minded people books on productivity would be great. For others, novels make a great gift.

4. Games

From cards games to board games, the range is wide open. Games are a common family activity during holidays and other gatherings. Board games are appropriate if you have a hint about the kind of games the gift receiver likes, if not go for card games and pick the ones that are fun and can be played with multiple people.

5. Bouquet

Whether it is a house party or a bigger occasion, bouquets are used all over the world to express good wishes to the gift giver. They make a great gift no matter what the occasion so don’t hesitate to grab one for the next party you are planning to attend!

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