Hi Michael, thank you for sharing these interesting information.
Hamdi Bouchech

I have not tried this out with driving scenes. But in theory SimGANs should perform well with these more complex scenes because:

  1. SimGANs ‘minimize the difference between the refined and synthetic data with a self-regularization loss term.’ This means it isn’t really inferring the contents of the scene itself, and you shouldn’t see some of the problems common to other types of GANs (i.e. a generated image of a face that has two different eye colors).
  2. SimGAN’s ‘average local adversarial losses for a more balanced global adversarial loss.’

So really the SimGAN gets the global structure from the synthetic image (i.e. there is a stop sign in the upper right-hand corner, a sky and clouds on the horizon, a car to the left, etc…) and then it locally refines the patches of the image to make it look realistic.

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