The world is currently in a state of urgent cyber-security or cyber security because it sees the fact that the level of crime in cyberspace or cyber crime in the world has reached the stage of concern.But unlike the handling of other crimes,cyber-security requires comprehensive thinking to handle it.

Blockchains and smart contracts require new models for cybersecurity to protect private keys and instructions,so from that we introduce rivetz.

What is rivetz?
Rivetz is a "first-mover" with delayed cybersecurity services and capabilities that utilize the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
By providing safes to isolate and protect key and encrypted materials from applications,malware,users,and hackers, Rivetz is focused on providing a truly safe experience.
Access all digital services - maximize the quality and value of provider-to-customer relationships.

Rivetz has invested more than 3 years in implementing new strategies and thinking to create markets and capitalize on these substantial opportunities.
Then make Rivetz a security device on your device or OS.

Rivetz using RvT tokens.

Token RvT is designed to explore the full value of the paradigm in order not only to deliver cybersecurity controls to ensure a known device but also to ensure that the device is trustworthy in other words RvT tokens can protect your device from all the current cyber crimes.

Token sales

Total token inventory of
200 Million (200,000,000) RvT, where:
-70M will be available in Tokensale.
-60M Promotional Token.
-70M booked for future use.
Token will be sold for ETH.
Crowdsale Public Date begins August 10, 2017

and ends September 10, 2017.

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