Alavuelta is packed full of digital marketing tools for businesses of all types and sizes. Not to mention that is the first offering by a major financial institution in Spain that introduces QR Payment in the form of digital gift cards and loyalty program points or stamps.

Alavuelta encompasses all stages of customer lifecycle marketing, attract customers by luring them with personalised offers. Message offers directly to customer’s mobile phone, at the right time (no need to elaborate on the best timing for a lunch special) and in the right place (how about when they are in your area).

Easier to convert customers when they approach your business as a pre-qualified lead based on past purchasing behaviour. Gift Cards are the best referral tool. What is better than your current customers introducing new customers to your business and picking up the bill!

As if gift cards was not already a great way to encourage loyalty and repeat visits, how about using your own business loyalty program to retain customers. Reward customers purchases with points or stamps, and have them pay with them when they accumulate enough.

Alavuelta is powered by the best technology in payment-value added services available in the market today. Visit

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