QR Payment

WayApp riding the wave of “Capgemini Top 10 Trends in Payments 2018

As a fintech pioneering QR Payment in Europe and the Americas, WayApp is following payment trends with zeal.

Starting with Trend 01, throughout 2018 WayApp has been working closely with Abanca in the launch of several payment products that will see commercial life before the end of the year. Also this year, after competing in the BBVA Open Talent 2018, the biggest fintech competition in the world, WayApp joined BBVA’s Open Marketplace with the goal of honing our value-proposition by participating in an extensive and world-class fintech ecosystem. And this very month, WayApp has proudly joined Deutsche Bank API Program.

Banks, through their respective platforms, offer fintechs like WayApp, three key elements, a license and regulatory framework, tools that accelerate time-to-market, and most importantly of all, a customer base.

We could comment on every single trend, but is Trend 05, the one that is driving WayApp’s growth and success in the market. In every single case where WayApp’s QR Payment has been available as a payment option next to cash, credit and debit cards; the feedback from users and merchants alike, has been that QR Payment is easy and faster.

In the words of merchants, “the line of customers waiting to be serviced flies when they pay with QR, it is so much faster…”, “cash payments slows us down when we need to accept payment while serving food, it is clean and easy…”

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