The Freedoms, Hero, Wonder Woman

I was the slaves people live in the African Country and white mans put slaves people in the boat before they sell I saw lot’s people looking at me, the slave let us sat and go in the bottom of the boat.

“I was waiting for Wonder Woman to come help slaves people.”

However she also helped other people also from bad guys.

“I was trying to run away but the captain is looking at slavery people and stand on the ship waiting for who is going to escape so I can’t escape from that I feel bad for other people that being sick and throw away from the ship.”

Inside the ship it smelled like blood and sea salt, people smell bad because the slaves captain didn’t take showers and didn’t go outside to take a shower for slaves people.

“I could hear a water wave around the ship and hit the ship, I could hear the slaves people yelling and taking. I could hear people outside planning to run away for freedoms.”

The people on the ship were tired because they were laying down for hour and hour to be in the new world.

“They want Wonder Woman to help slaves people in the ship because they want to get their freedoms and their own life.”

In the boat something that it taste bad on the ship because slaves people in the ship they didn’t have toilet and and tub.

“I could feel that other slaves wanted their freedoms back and they want to go back to their family and live together with them.”

“I could see a lot of people and their is a little inches of the space for the slaves people to fix in all the space.”

“I could see a lot of people and their is a little inches of the space, some of the people were sick and lay down on the vessel.”

My hero name was Wonder Woman and she might help the slaves from evil people that trying to put slaves in the craft.

“Wonder Woman she said that she would help the people that like a doctor and Wonder Woman came and help other slaves people in the barge.”

The Wonder Woman could help slaves people in canoe, she said that she could save slaves people, the Wonder Woman send to our own house and house, had our freedoms by own.

Sometime Wonder Woman can help slaves for important thing and ask for help.

“The slaves people were sick and died from disease, people could be freedoms by Wonder Woman helping them get away from evil guys.”

“The people in the jet ski were need help, the captain most give them a freedoms air sometime the people were about to died on the tanker and some of the people almost died.”

“I see some of the people trying to catch the fish and captain kill them and throw them away.”

The Wonder Woman could help the slaves people in the tub for freedoms, send them home back, had their own life and they can go anywhere they want. Some of the people in the sampan they trying to run.

“Some of the captain they were evil and they hate slaves people, they want the slaves people to work for them to get money and other people that not listen to listen to them.”

“They only know how to kill people when they want to try to run away”

Anytime the Wonder Woman help slaves people for a freedoms and we were a free people, and had or own their freedoms.

Middle Passage