WaykiBet V2.5 Has Officially Launched

WaykiChain, the project once launched the first DApp in blockchain betting industry, has officially launched its revolutionary new betting product — WaykiBet 2.5!

Scan the QR code to download WaykiBet

Everyone Can Build a Bet with Structured Game Data

By accessing game data from authoritative third-party, WaykiBet ensures the timeliness and accuracy of the game results. Users can build fixed-odds bets after referring authoritative data at any time. After the game is over, the smart contract will automatically calculate the results and deliver the payout, without manual participation in the whole process.

High Return Rate by Odds Ranking

WaykiBet uses odds ranking, which will show the highest odds option of one same game at the top. With odds ranking, users can choose odds and corresponding betting amount to get highest return. WaykiBet uses fixed odds, users can check their estimated return before placing the bet.

Traceable Game Records, Open, Transparent and Handling Fee Free

Based on blockchain’s openness and irreversibility, all operation records in WaykiBet will be recorded on WaykiChain public chain, and can be checked at any time. Besides, through hybrid architecture, WaykiBet has solved the problems of current blockchain transaction: long confirming time, low efficiency and handling fee, etc.

Special Notes:

  1. WTEST used in WaykiBet is test coin. WaykiChain does not provide any two-way exchange channel for WTEST.
  2. From Nov. 2 to Nov. 15, every registered user will get 100 airdropping WTEST at 11am (UTC+8) everyday.

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