4 Creative Content Ideas for Social Media and Digital Marketing

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Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Dami Sonde

Social media has exponentially grown over the years to become one of the key marketing channels for businesses. Social media platforms and Digital technology have become vital tools in the hands of marketers to generate leads and close deals due to its powerful analytic capabilities, reach and ease of use.

What exactly guarantees success in a businesses’ social media strategy? You guessed right, Content.

Without content, social media and even the internet would be a very boring place. Content elicits engagement, and Content makes businesses go viral and succeed using social media Marketing.

What then are the content types you can create to put you on a social media success journey? In this post, we’ll be discussing some basic social media content types that you can use to gain traction.

Visual Content for Social Media

There is a widespread saying that an image speaks better than a thousand words. Yes, that’s very valid for social media. Examples of visual content are images, infographics, and pictures revolving around your business capabilities.

Your visual content on social media platform can be tailored to satiate your audience, elicit engagement and create some form of value to them depending on their position in your sales and marketing pipeline. Visual content should create awareness; which can help your audience make a buying decision.

For beginners with a meager budget, some tools can help you with professional visual content. Some of them are Canva, Desygner, PiktoChart, Picmonkey, Unsplash.

Animated Content for Social Media

Animated Content are creative materials that can be used in explainer videos for your product and services. This is a great and useful way to educate and entertain your audience at the same time.

Examples of animated content include GIFs and video animations. Most internet users prefer to watch a video compared to reading text.

Animated Content gives you a cheap way to captivate your audience without draining your pocket. Some useful tools for creating animated content includes Animaker, Animoto, Giphy, VideoScribe etc.

Video Content for Social Media

Video content is taking over social media. There has been an explosion of video content in recent times across social media platforms because content marketers have now experienced the power of video content which has been enabled on the social media platforms. Video content boosts your social media posts by over 45% while visual content delivers 65% increased engagement.

While creating video content for your audience, ensure that the video quality is not impaired. Sound, lights, and props should be top notch.

Some tools that can help small businesses deliver video content include Videoshop, Wistia, WireCast etc.

User-Generated Content

UGC is content created by your followers or customers. This is one of the cheapest ways to elicit engagement on social media. It also builds trust and confidence in your brand as people tend to trust other people more compared to businesses.

A good example of UGC is as shown below from StarBucks’ #WhiteCupContest.

#whitecupcontest Image
#whitecupcontest Image

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