Social media as we all know has become a very vital part of driving business and marketing, and everywhere you turn on the internet, people are using it and talking about the power of social media.

It appears like every week there are new features introduced, and to make things even worse, there seem to be three or more services created for every social media site that is launched which helps in measuring, tracking and monitoring that service. One can easily miss out on the essential tools that can help in achieving business success or reaching set objectives.

To help you get through the clutter, I thought of sharing five must use social tools that have helped build businesses and you might not know about.

Here are five tools that you didn’t know about and can help you achieve your marketing goals:


This tool will let you measure how your tweets are doing and how far they have travelled. With Tweetreach, you can search for your blog posts and pull out the result.

Anyone who is keen to know how effective their tweets are based upon the number of people they touch can make use of it. It’s also an excellent metric standpoint when you’re trying to justify result with senior management or partner.


This is a social media marketing application that allows social media content to flow smoothly by letting you post smoothly and effectively when you sign up. With Everypost, you are allowed to add your social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and many more. You can manage all of your social accounts using this application. You can also keep an eye on the schedules of the posts, as well as the contents of all of your accounts. It makes more comfortable and smoother for social media marketing managers.


Sprout social comes as a highly recommended social media tool that most marketing managers and specialist make use of, it can be a little handy at first glance, but once you get the hold of it, you will discover that it’s helpful.

Unlike most tools that perform the same function, SPROUT SOCIAL allows you to monitor posts, manage your accounts, and get detailed insights into the performance of your social media accounts. It makes the work a lot easier for social media specialists to handle because it comes with all the features that you need within a single application.


If you use your social media account to upload bulk files, then the bulk buffer is an app you need. This tool is useful for the various social media accounts of companies that have lots of content to upload on their different social network. Organisations that have a lot of videos and photos to upload on the various accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others) so this tool come in handy.


Tagboard is used for managing hashtags, which is very crucial for businesses that use hashtags to execute marketing campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Tagboard is a hashtag search engine that let you search for hashtags that you can use. It’s like a Google but for hashtags! This is vital for companies that want to make their hashtags.it is also possible to register your hashtag if you don’t want anyone to claim your hashtag so that you can be the first to use it.

Tagboard will make things easier for you especially if your social media campaign makes use of hashtags whenever there are any hot topics.

Using the above-listed tools will help in increasing productivity and also achieving goals in your business and marketing plans.

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