Exciting ideas come when seeking inspiration from an unusual source, working with others, and keeping a close eye on trending topics both within your industry and outside of it. This is why as an organisation doing content marketing, you need some tools that will help you carry out your content marketing strategies and ideas without stress and also give you maximum result.

As a content marketer, you have to leverage on the right tools and strategies to assess the marketing of your application and keep users engaged once you’ve acquired them.

For you to track users from the point of acquisition and throughout the buyer’s journey, there is a need for a mix of tools and functionality. The combination of tools must vary based on your target audience, but the right tool is one that lets you engage users, and measure their usage, at every point in their journey.

1. Quora

As a content marketer if you aren’t using Quora then what have you been using? Quora is more like a question-and-answer platform where questions are asked, answered and organised by its community of users as opinions. It’s a place where knowledge can be shared or gained and also a goldmine for inspiration for that next blog post, content, info-graphic, or social discussion. Quora helps in keeping up to date with the trending topics in the community and also discover the questions that are frequently being asked.

Quora is a platform that helps in identifying questions which will help you in writing your next content. You should leverage on Quora as a platform to promote your content after it’s been produced.

2. Reddit

As a marketer (anyone promoting one product or the other) you have most likely heard of Reddit to some extent. However, the question is, are you making use of it as part of your content marketing campaign?

An exceptional feature of Reddit is in its ability to play two vital roles.

It’s a source of both inspiration and research. Do you have a question which you want to receive responses, and if you need to utilise data as part of an info-graphic or campaign? Then Reddit is best for the job.

Reddit platform is useful to promote your finished work, just by sharing the link in a subreddit and you stand a good chance of getting feedback from the community. Reddit is also used for researching and gathering of data, promoting and content ideas of the finished product.

3. Slack

Since content marketing is all about working with others, then slack is useful in that space. Slack is a place where your team meet and collaborate, relevant information can be found when and where you need it.

There are other ways to communicate with your team and other content collaborators than through Slack. Slack is a straightforward but very effective and efficient solution to bringing team communication and collaboration into one place irrespective of the location. We have a growing community of Agile Practitioners, Business Analysts and Software Developers at WayMaker Digital and it is open and free. Here is a link to join and contribute to the community.

4. Grammarly

A lot of people didn’t appreciate this app until they had to put together a last-minute content or send an all-important concept document with little or no time for proofreading. Grammarly is an application that automatically detects grammatical error, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes in writing. Grammarly is an AI-powered app that helps people and businesses communicate more effectively. This application, lets you write with ease pick up your mistakes and suggesting amends.

As a content developer or business owner, you always want to avoid embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors when passing a message across to your targeted audience, and that’s why Grammarly is a must use to achieve your goals.

5. CoSchedule

The famous marketing slogan of Co Schedule is “The #1 Marketing Calendar.” This is an app that let you plan, create, and promote all your marketing contents and projects all in one place. It helps to save the time that would have been wasted on planning, designing and promoting your contents on different platforms.

Co-schedule also helps in growing your audience through smart marketing plans and efficient team collaboration. This application is showcased as a solution to exterminate endless email threads, disjointed workflows, and a lot more. Co-schedule allows team members to collaborate better on content and social campaigns, and also allowing you to plan campaigns and view deadlines for an upcoming period.


There are a lot of other great content marketing apps that you can use. However, the above listed are the most important without going into details. Another great thing about these applications is that they can even work correctly on your smartphone and as part of your workflow which helps you to remain productive even when out of the office.

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Originally published at WayMaker Learning.