The IGTV is relatively a new addition to Instagram. IGTV is an acronym for Instagram television, and it’s another way to get visibility and brand awareness on the platform. For those who are curious about the difference between IGTV and IG stories, the difference are obvious and they are meant for different purpose.I.e, while the IG story allows you upload 15–60 seconds video, the IGTV on the other hand allows 10 minutes video for a small account and 1 hour for a large account.

The IGTV also allow you post vertical videos, this make so much sense given all we do on mobile is in portrait and vertical format . The apps we use, messages we post, texts we receive, the podcast we listen to, and books we read are all in vertical mode which is how our smart phones work.

IGTV is essentially a longer, prerecorded video platform on Instagram where you share content . This gives us the opportunity to get clear on our messaging.

So how can you use this new feature (IGTV) to boost your brand awareness?

Reaching a new audience with your previously shared video contents

With the IGTV, you are presented with a perfect opportunity to re-use your old video contents, shared on YouTube or other video sharing platforms. IGTV is designed to help you reach new audience regardless of whether they have an account on Instagram or not.

Different Sharing Options: Post, Stories and IGTV

With the new feature (IGTV), you can reach your audience through through 3 points of contacts; post, stories and IGTV on the same platforms and it also helps you show your ability. It’s important for you at this stage in your online entrepreneurship to have this multiple touch points, because it will help you reach a very large number of people at once compared to using just one of the tools.

Host Q&A Sessions

You can leverage on the IGTV by hosting a Q&A session. The Q&A session is targeted towards teaching the audience how your products can be used and the benefits of having your product. It’s also a good opportunity to highlight some product features.

Take your videos to the next level by making good use of IGTV, teach the audience something new about your business and let them to follow what you’re doing in real time.The IGTV tutorial format allows you to build a library of evergreen video content, no matter what you’re offering.

Take them behind the scene:

The IGTV is another opportunity to make your audience feel as part of the brand by taking them behind the scene, showing clips on how product is made or how you prepare for a show or show them your daily routine.In addition. IGTV can also be used for keeping the audience updated on upcoming event and products.


Whatsoever the platform, is it Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube consistency is very important in getting the result you want. You have to be intentional about your level of consistency. What time? What day? And what type of content?. This will help in building trust and accountability within your community.

Vertical Videos Upload

IGTV is structured for vertical videos. If your video is shot in horizontal, you can edit it to fit in the vertical format, and there are more than enough tools that will help you do that. You can take a look at Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which starts at $20.99/month for individuals, and $33.99/month for businesses.

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Originally published at WayMaker Learning.