“I am a product of great mentoring” — Victor Sonde.
 Permit me to tell you about the power of mentoring and why I am so passionate about mentoring those within my sphere of influence. First, the reason I decided to write this post and why I will start writing more on mentoring is that I wanted to take a shower this morning and I got a message on my phone from someone I mentored on his career move, and he remembered me this morning and decided to say “Thank You”. I enjoy receiving “thank you” messages, and for some reason, I don’t like it whenever I go out of my way to do something for a person, and they don’t say thank you :)

Back to mentoring topic, If you have a dream or vision, but you are not sure how or when these dreams will come true; there is vast wisdom in seeking out a mentor to guide you and assure you about the validity of your dreams/ambitions. 
 The power of mentoring I refer to here is what Robert Kiyosaki refers to as the power of leverage in his book. A mentor is a new brain to pick, an ear that listens and push in the right direction (from Google). 
 With a good mentor by your side, you will not just be relying on your knowledge, experience or even connections. Your relationship with your mentor means you will be combining their skills, knowledge and network with yours as a launch pad to attack your challenges. 
 Try and picture the force behind your efforts if coupled with that of a mentor who has extensive knowledge, skills, and wisdom in the specific areas of your pursuit. Imagine the speed, direction and confidence you will have because of the leverage you have supporting and backing your every step and decision. 
 Great coaches make great athletes. A great coach is not just a trainer, he/she is also a great mentor and a shoulder to lean on. We all need mentors in every area of our lives, and we should seek out mentors who have walked the path we intend to walk and ride on their wings. 
 There is a price for everything including mentoring. Price to pay on the side of the mentor by providing his time; sharing his experiences, encouragement. There is also a price for those seeking mentoring, such as paying for your mentor’s time or supporting the mentor in other areas. However, as a mentee, I will encourage you not to lose sight of the reason why you have connected with this person (mentor) which is to help you navigate your pathway to greatness. 
 Lastly, we all have mentoring capacities no matter how we view ourselves. Your words, posts, tweets, etc. carry a message that is influencing someone who reads them. Think about that for a minute, and imagine what kind of message have you been passing on to people within your sphere of influence. The question you should ask — Is this message consistent or in alignment with who / what I stand for or represent? If the answer is negative, then you can start changing the narrative by sharing messages, posts, tweets that align with your person or future person because unknowing to you, you are mentoring someone indirectly. 
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 See you again soon.

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Originally published at WayMaker Learning.