The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a new style of classroom learning: Virtual classes. During the pandemic, virtual courses have brought a slew of arguments, tears, and laughs to children and their parents. For parents attempting to help their children online, there are many challenges to cross, such as learning…

Who here hasn’t wondered about the origins of their favorite sports? Given all of the possibilities out there, the history of sports is both long and fascinating. Here, we’re about to dive into the history of water polo and everything that it entails.

The Origins

In the 1800s, a man…

The concept of public health has very much been in the news lately. It’s even worked its way into many conversations on personal levels. Given that, there is much debate about what public health is.

Public health can be defined as a science with a focus on protecting and improving…

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr.

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. is a driven professional with a history of success. Gregory Jr. has worked in project management, business ownership, and nursing.

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