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“recent federal court rulings asserted that the threat of illegal voting is not a serious enough justification for laws that make it harder for eligible voters to participate.”BS!!!! Election fraud ran rapid in the last presidential election!!! There were 59 precincts in Philadelphia that registered no votes for Romney,37 precincts in Chicago that registered no votes for Romney,in St Louis,8 precincts had no votes for Romney,11 precincts had Romney with 3 votes each,7 precincts Romney got 4 votes in each and in 8 precincts Romney got 5 votes in each,in Cleveland,Romney got no in 21 precincts,Obama got 100% of the votes in Cuyahoga County,Ohio,Obama got 99% of the vote in each of the more than 50 precincts in Ohio,a week after the elections workers found 963 unaccounted-for ballots in a warehouse,in Broward Co. Fla.,Obama got 99% of the votes,in St Lucie Co. Fla.,they had a 141% turnout,Obama won the county………….election fraud!!!!!

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