My Dad Was a Successful Republican Businessman Who Worked Himself to Death…and Guess What, He…
Laura Borgendale

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is the Democrats/communists who steal the money of people who work hard like your dad. They want to give all this free shit, like college, welfare, EBT ect. Guess who pays for it. The hard working people just like you dad. Nothing is free, it is paid by someone else, and that would be the hard working people like you dad. So you need to reassess you values. Hillary will do nothing but further corrupt the government that is already corrupt. Do you want this country to go down the tubes into a communist shit hole? If you do then vote for Hillary because that is exactly where she will take it. Plus she will suck us into another expensive war in the middle east. She has already proven to be totally incompetent on her policies as Secretary of State. Who created ISIS Hillary and Obama. Wake the hell up America.

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