Corruptions for Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

a poem


Because of an editing error, 
an article misstated the position 
of a senator on a proposal. The senator 
has not discussed that proposal with its 
supporters and said he has not 
opposed the plan.

The share of victorious candidates who are women 
is 39 percent, not 36 percent.

The fighter jets shown 
were flying on March 1, not on June 5, 
the first day of the war.

The president signed the bill. 
He did not veto it.

The student died at a fraternity party. 
The student’s family’s lawyer’s name 
was misspelled.

The name of the author was misspelled.

A picture caption with an article about 
performances in a festival 
misidentified one of the dancers.

The newspaper misspelled the surname 
of one person who attended an event.

The musicologist was the general editor 
of the series, 
not the editor of a particular work in that series.

Because of an editing error, an obituary 
omitted a credit.