As builders, there is nothing more gratifying than crafting a product that is used by millions. That saves them countless hours of effort. That turns something complex and frustrating into something accessible, intuitive, even delightful…

Excited to finally share what and I have been working on. Welcome to Digits - Read the full post on the Digits Blog

You only get one chance to make a good impression.

I speak often on the difference between building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and what I like to call an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product).

I don’t believe in building MVPs.

I believe in making incredible product experiences. And that starts with unforgettable first-time experiences for new users.

Contrary to MVPs, where the goal is to get something…

Wayne Chang

now: @digits. prev: @chasingcoral (acq by @netflix), @fabric (acq by @google), @crashlytics (acq by @twitter), & more // angel in 65+ startups. PhD.

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