How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months
Benjamin P. Hardy

A insightful piece. Much here I can relate to over my journey. Sports where the goal and motivation were high, had me applying the discipline of practice and repitition and time and space to apply the practice in real world.

I also had the experience in university where the goal was not clear and my motivation was low and I dithered and dallyed my way to dropping out.

A few years later I again saw what happened with motivation and goals when i purchased my first computer and sat up til 4am most nights learning, practicing and applying effort to learn WordPerfect, Lotus, then word and excel. I laugh at my staff who want to attend a 2 day excel class. Unless they can propose a goal to me with a timeline attached I wont even consider the option. I suggest they go home and practice for hours a night then come back and discuss it with me.

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