Digital PR Why Your Business Needs It

In this Blab Interview I chat with PR Professional Leanne Ross @aCupofLee from A Cup of Lee.

Leanne started out in traditional PR& Communications working with Agencies and Small Businesses. She now run’s her own business helping SMEs create impacting content for a digital world.

Leanne share’s her insights on the things which businesses need to think about to capitalize on digital pr opportunities which are available as a direct result of social media. She discusses how SMEs have become their own publishers by creating interesting content for their customers.

Leanne talks about why businesses need to be relevant to their customers as well as helpful — this will help you build your brand. She shares her top 3 Digital PR Tips which Businesses can implement right away.

Click Play below to watch the Full Interview & make sure to have a Pen & Paper to jot down some notes.

Dad first then Online Safety & Cyber Safeguarding Specialist | Aspiring Media Lawyer| Host @ZeroLivesLeft Co-Founder @CoBabble Speaker| Author |Future Pilot

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