eSafety Snapchat Takeover

The 6 Ps of eSafety

If you come from a marketing or communications background like me, or you’ve ever studied in related fields, you might just remember the 5 Ps of marketing — Price, Place, Product, Promotion and Profit. Yup I know -very boring…let’s move swiftly on. To something that’s ever more important and relevant to your children and family in the world we live in today — The 6Ps of eSafety. Let me explain..

I’ve been on Snapchat now for a while and have been following great content creators like Gary Vaynerchuk Ted Rubin John Lee Dumas Joel Comm Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz SueBZimmerman✨ All of these folks are doing an awesome job using Snapchat for digital storytelling — which for me is what it’s all about.

Within my work in eSafety and Online Reputation I seek out others using the platform to create content to educate, inform and inspire — specifically around the area of Online Safety. I had noticed a bit of a trend lately in what is called ‘Snapchat Takeovers’. Some of the guys mentioned have been doing takeovers on other peoples Snapchat accounts and thought this would be something fun and educational to do via my own Snapchat account.

Over on Twitter Neil known as @SgtTCS who I follow is a UK police officer and the man behind the very important #DontStreamAndDrive campaign educating people on the dangers associated with using live streaming apps when driving a car. I had noticed @SgtTCs also using Snapchat as part of this campaign and I thought why not reach out to see if he would be interested in doing a eSafety Snapchat Takeover on my account.

@SgtTcs happily agreed and we started doing some planning around what we were going to cover on the takeover. On Friday 22nd July I handed my account over.

So What is a Snapchat Takeover?

If you’re new to the whole Snapchat thing, a takeover is when a brand or business with a Snapchat account allows a social media influencer to “take over” the businesses or brands account in order to create a story from that persons unique perspective. Takeovers can last a few hours or a full day depending on what both parties agree is going to be the timeframe.

Why was this a good idea?

Well one of the big benefits of the Take Over was that my community on Snapchat got to experience content from someone — other than me, on the topic of eSafety but more specifically, someone from law enforcement who had created a very important esafety campaign around the dangers of live streaming and driving a car. It also lets my Snapchatters find out about @SgtTcs and the 6Ps of eSafety. And just why they matter to anyone who uses the Internet and Social Media.

6ps of Online Safety

But it was’nt all about eSafety. The Take Over also took viewers on a tour of some of the key places and landmarks in this local community -adding something a little different to the content — and keeping the viewer more engaged. A number of people who watched the Take Over reached out on Snapchat and on Twitter gave feedback on how useful and educational they found it.

So what have I learned?

A lot. Done right Take Overs can be very effective for businesses, brands and even individuals to grow their Snapchat channel. This Take Over helped me offer a different approach to eSafety content, while allowing my community to learn from someone else, resulting in added value for followers. If you’re considering doing a Take Over, there are a few things to consider to make it more effective..

Finding the right Influencer

Finding the right influencer to match your business or brand message is important.

Search for key influencers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who align with your objective. Be sure to check out their Snapchat account and review content they’re current creating to ensure they have the style and tone which you are looking for.

Trust is ultra important here. Remember — you’re giving someone access to your account. Make sure they’re credible, that they don’t abuse it and always update the password after the takeover.

Take Over Plan

What sort of objective are you hoping to achieve?.

For me it was simple. To get my community more information on eSafety and the steps to take to protect them when using social media. Planning is important for the person taking over the account — it’s important for both involved to agree the content that’s to be covered and how long the takeover will last for. Careful planning from both involved will help ensure that the Take Over is successful for everyone.

Promoting the Takeover

Promotion of the takeover is key. Let your community know what’s happening. I did a series of snaps and tweets on the run up to my takeover to keep my community in the loop. @SgtTcs also promoted the takeover within his own community on Twitter and Snapchat increasing the overall awareness of the activity.

Document the Take Over

With the new Snapchat Memories this has made it even easier for Take Overs to be saved into Memories and exported — allowing the content to be repurposed via this article and other channels. Remember you have 24 hours to save the Take Over to Memories and export it before it disappears. Don’t miss that opportunity.

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