At One With The Earth

Photo: Annie Spratt

An owl reminds me of the time

A rogue willow reaches out and taps on the window

Acres of forest isolate me, alone in the centre

Fearful of breathing too loudly,

speaking my truth,

showing up to the day

It pains too much

to inhabit this flesh, this marrow, this bone.

The owl reminds me again

that time passes slowly

Willow branch taps, it wants to know my name

I turn and hide under the covers

lost in the middle of a 100 acre wood

Breathing not so easy with,

a swollen heart pounding in my throat,

still in my bed but not dead.

The owl is silent.

Time stands still.

Shaded by the branch,

roots pierce through me, covered by forest,

at one with the earth, it is now my bed.

I am not asleep

no breath

with only worms, to witness my rest.