Do I Know You?

Photo by on Unsplash

In the midst of it all

I felt something,

an excitement,

was that you?

Did I see you there,

on that spring day?

When the warm sun

dazzled my eyes

is that where you hide

in the brilliant gleam?

Were you close

did you follow

just out of sight?

Always out of reach

or was I so desperate?

Yes I was desperate

but even when floored

on my knees

by the stream

I was full of hope

for someone like you

did I see you there

an intense shimmer,

glitter on the water?

You were a dream

a cloudy veil of colours,

like so many angelic voices

I sang with in my head.

Why did you not come?

I was open to you,

praying for guidance

eager for protection,

seeking connection

calling to the skies,

sun, moon, stars,

with all my being

but you were there,

you were,

all along

now I know you.

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