Photo: Gabriel Pangilinan

Photons, Coffee Beans and Words of Love.

Hey, I am light, let’s play together.

We can have a race.

Bye mum!

Bye sun! Keep safe, stay with the flow.

It’s the only way to go-go-go!

This is fun, shooting through the sky,

riding solar winds,

Wooahh! Watch out for that planet.

Where are you going?

I’m getting off here,

going to play on Earth,

if it’s still there.

I think it’s blue and has fluffy clouds,

yes there it is.

Through an ozone hole in the atmosphere,

and nimbus white clouds

between heavy falling raindrops

where i’m curuous

and stop to take a peek.

Then with all the excitement I’ve been holding

I burst open

I’m a bridge, a rainbow,

colours you can see, some you can only feel.

I like green.

I am a green leaf.

Green blood, swimming,

don’t push against the current, relax with the flow, let go.

I slow and slow and finally come to a stop.

I’m a cool, concentrated seed of life now,

a computer software system storing information.

I am the whole, hiding my brilliance.

Asleep, quiet, hanging in the breeze,




surrounded by a womb of warm heavy red juicy wet flesh.

Until I’m separated, ripped away from her soft embrace,

torn in two.

My raw exposed seed of life is roasted, scent heady

Ground by hands that have caressed soft and dewy skin

an alchemist transmuting, re-configuring,

with the eye of an artist,

intoxicating love of the lover,

Ready to be brought to lips,

I am the invigorating aroma, inhale me

I am the bitterness balanced by your sweet, drink me,

take me to your heart,

I am yours

I am you.

Boom boom

like rocket fuel

to the stars

your universe of supernova exploding,


meeting on superneural highways

pathways you never new existed,

until now.

A hand reaches across a dark matter abyss

and fingers tap-tap-tap on a keyboard

to remember

and write this.

Inspired by such a beautiful visit to Graph Table cafe in the Old City of Chiang Mai. The love and care they take with their choice of locally sourced coffee, their preparation and extensive and exciting menu is refreshing and inspiring. Check it out if youre in town.

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