Inside Heavy Rain

Photo: Mario Calvo — Unsplash

When the tears refuse to fall

the rain takes their place

keeping the storm outside,

beyond the protective pane.

Each single heavy drop

swells from cumulonimbus cheeks

falling for all those I hold back

a vicarious tender release.

Heavy taps and dances

on delicate and hard surfaces

an orchestra between nature

and man-made defences.

Hear a master symphony

a rhythm and honest beat

as rain pings off hot tin roofs,

washes stains from hard concrete.

Almost here the tears rap outside

holler on hollow plastic

harmonies ready to sing

like spells casting natures magic.

What is it like to be so free

I wonder, not hold it all in,

without a single inhibition

fall with carefree abandon?

I find myself inside a cloud,

immersed within a raindrop

swollen, unable to hold back

she lets go of us all

her children, we fall.

I become the release,

liberated relief

let go

and never want to stop.

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