The Celtic Viking and Ghost Boy

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Are you a vision,

or a memory from the past

a miasma, Jungian shadow,

a child’s let’s pretend,

or my psyche’s imaginary friend?

There’s two of you now,

and me, we three

sorry I honestly forget you’re there

or to acknowledge, love and care

and never take you anywhere.

Today though there was relief

a dark cloud took leave

I felt you, showed up either side

my lost smile and spring returned

with a confused sense of pride.

My heart swelled

arm shook the basket in my hand

by the frozen food, sad and ashamed

I dont know your names,

exactly from where and when you came.

Walking down the ailes

Thai locals shop for the day

Chinese cart dash, stocks piled high

oblivious to the sight of a ghostly teen

and such an imposing staff weilding guy.

He is almost seven feet tall

solemn, a mixed Celtic Viking

between two worlds, ancient

explorer-magician, present, silent type

of Seaking-Druid descent.

The other a boy, a curious child

a spectre and ghostly presence,

deathly, speechless, painfully shy

A homeless astronaut cast adrift,

weightless, still umbilically tied.

Now we are mismatched comrades,

somehow with comparable pasts,

setting out on a bold hero’s journey

a team to kick the shadow enemies butt,

and retrieve the golden crown of worthy.

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