How Do Concierge Services Benefit Our Residents?

I’m working as a secretary of a community located in Arizona, U.S. What made me writing this post is the amazing concierge service rendered by Premiere Concierge. To be very honest, this company has taken all the burden of non-leasing or sales related issues off my management team. And their help desk service is making our residents feel like they’re residing at a five star resort.

Most of the residents living in our building are businessmen. Since there are business meetings almost every week, they have to make a lot of to-do lists, flight booking, hotel booking, cab booking and various other errands. While they were finding it quite difficult to manage their lives, as a secretary of our community, I took it as an opportunity.

I generally had a word with one of our residents regarding the business meetings. (Basically, I wanted to know what challenges they face throughout the process, so that I could offer them some help to promote our community. This was what I had at the back of my mind at that time.) He told me, “at times, all the planning, booking and research take a lot of time.” “They’re very confusing too, he further added.

With several things on mind, I just started browsing online portals. Then, I came to know about concierge service. I started doing more research and came across Premiere Concierge. I quickly read all the reviews they had on their website. Though I was skeptical, I called them. After understanding all my requirements, they placed a ‘help desk’ at my community. And the best part is — whatever service our residents want, the help desk professionals provide them. They simply register the request online on the system and the request is then gets forwarded to the selected vendor. The vendor executes the request and gets it fulfilled.

Now, let’s talk about how their service benefit business travelers in our community.

1. More Profit

Since the help desk has a strong network of different vendors, it helps the business travelers get the best discounts on hotel bookings. They can also provide good deals on travel tickets. They also know a lot of local restaurants. So, business travelers can enjoy lavish dinner at one of the most popular restaurants in the city and that too on a good discount. Therefore, they can now stop worrying about the hotel and restaurant deals and focus more on their business deals! Isn’t it great?

2. More Productivity

Should I rent a car? How much will it cost? Should I just walk? Is it a safe route? With the effective help of the help desk service, now our residents don’t have to worry about making such decisions. The professionals at the help desk will anticipate and plan everything on their behalf.

3. Enjoy Luxury

Who doesn’t like a little luxury during their business travels? Our business travelers can now relax and enjoy their trips along with their business meetings. They can take advantage of the luxury concierge services and give themselves a boost in their business meetings.

4. Get Customization

While they can hire travel agents for their business travel bookings, it’s always beneficial for them to have help desk service. After all, they may not find the travel arrangements as per their needs; they may lack a personal touch. Everybody wants a body spa after a long client meeting; the help desk service can keep all this in mind and provide them a unique experience every time.

5. Reduction in Stress

The professionals at the help desk take care of all the small details of every business trip. They will take care of schedules. So, there is less decision fatigue and more peace of mind.

So, don’t you want to live in a place (actually palace), where all your needs are well taken care of? If you do, then look for such community that is being serviced by Premiere Concierge or simply get their service in your community.

Premiere Concierge enables their clients to be able to offer their employees, executives, customers, clients, members and/or residents, the type of Personal Executive Concierge Services delivered to premium guests in a five-star resort!

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