The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

Gun lovin Republicans will quickly learn that Trump sold out their gun rights in his first 100 days when Congress removed the filibuster to confirm Judge Gorsuch (Congress altered itself forever as Republicans could not get enough votes… so the idiots decided to change congress to allow less votes required.. They altered congress forever (republicans just did)) — — — — This means that the next liberal government (coming very soon) can easily dictate and pass laws including gun control as the filibuster is the only thing saving the 2nd amendment… NICE!!! And hilarious! Republicans also know their orange hero has solidified and ingratiated Obamacare into the heart of the nation better than liberals ever could… So it will come back soon even if repealed for a few months… — — — — — — — — — — — — Trumpeteers are too illiterate like their leader to understand politics. They will need a Netflix movie before they realize he has lost over half of his inherited fortune through bungled deals… He should be worth 8.4 BILLION but his 2005 taxes and forbes estimates put him closer to 3.5 Billion (if that). So he has lost over $5 BILLION making him the worst businessman of all time (unless you get all your news from “the apprentice” or other sitcoms like most Trumpeteers)… He cannot even read and is fully illiterate.. again.. they will need a netflix movie to learn this…. too many words here…

If Trump did lose over $5 BILLION of what should amount to a 8.4 Billion dollar inheritance for his children if he had simply left his money in the bank… and now he is worth only 3.5 BILLION… then he is without a doubt the worst businessman in the history of the entire world… So what is his appeal to idiot republicans? Do they recognize the same idiocy within themselves?

He lost Billions with Trump Vodka, Trump Ice, Trump the board game (so you can lose as bigly as him at home), Trump airlines, Trump Internet, Trump mortgages, Tour de trump, Trump University (didn’t even offer a degree for a $40k fee.. he was sued by students and NY and lost)…..

One of my favorite Trumpisms is when he said the 2006 housing Crash was “AN ACT OF GOD” and refused to pay one of the only banks that would still lend to him… A Deutsche Bank loan. (research if you are not an unable Trumpeteer)

The long list of Trump failures will continue with his term as president, but I’m sure America will turf him well before his term is over unless he opts to start a thermonuclear war to avoid impeachment and then ride it out in a luxury bunker with his family and Melania instead of prison… Bunker or Prison? I know what I would choose, but I’m mostly sane.

Trump also has legalized the purchase of your internet History and I can look up your IP address and buy any American internet search History for $7.99

You cannot buy mine as I don’t live in that sad, sad country.

It will get worse before it gets better (Trump leaves).

Research anything said here… If your a democrat.. republicans are too illiterate like their orange hero..

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