10-second breakdown:

Sendible offers almost anything you can ask for in a social media management tool. Connect with more profiles than other options. Multiple price points and add on features make sure you get what you need.

Sendible is used in small (0–50 employees) and medium (51–1,000 employees) companies.

The good:

Sendible allow you to connect to most major social media companies and link up your profiles with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, WordPress, and Google Analytics.

They offer users seven different pricing plans so there is sure to be one to fit everyone’s needs. A free 30 day trial is also available for all pricing plans.

You can send and receive emails through Sendible’s dashboard. Integrate your email accounts to have access to their newsletter templates as well.

The bad:

You can only schedule posts up to 30 hours in advance. If you need to do multiple days at once you will have to look at another management tool.

Unlike some other social media management tools Sendible has no in-built URL shortener that you can help you track links.

How it works:

As with any social media management tool the first thing you’re going to need to do is connect your accounts. The good news is with Sendible at least you’re only going to need one piece of software to handle them all from now on and it only takes 60 seconds to get started.

You can have pretty much add all of popular social media and services to Sendible from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to blogs, WordPress, LinkedIn, Pintrest and Youtube.

It delves deeper and offers services and geo-targeting and monitoring for each account — (collects all the data, basically) to offer you ways to improve and shows your progress whether with individual people/companies or overall in relation to a specific post, all accounts or by date.

Once all posts and comments have been pulled from your accounts a live feed will be displayed on your dashboard. The metrics analyze each post and messages, so any urgent ones will be highlighted. If you see a message you’d like to reply to on the dashboard, hit the left facing arrow button. A message box will appear and you can send when you’re ready. If you’re replying to a tweet, the Twitter handle of the person you’re replying to will be added automatically.

Click the engage tab to be taken to your Priority Inbox. Here you will see all items and you can respond and re-post/share, file, edit or assign these accordingly. To compose a message from the inbox click on the black compose button, at the top of the page. Send, save or copy messages instantly.

As Sensible supports RSS auto posting you can add topical content from your blog to your social media channels at regular intervals. Attach rich media, by using drag and drop or select the attachment button within a message. Set up or amend RSS feed by clicking the Content tab and selecting Feeds and following the steps.

Go to the Engage tab to view your outbox which holds all your sent and scheduled messages, drafts, suggested messages and a view of your calendar. You can select any of your messages, be it inbox or outbox and select them individually or in bulk to be amended, deleted or exported using the buttons displayed above your message list.

Google Analytics powers the engine of Sendible, simply breaking down the hard data. You can build flexible social media reports using the reports builder and have everything in a presentable format ready to go.

This is one of the main reasons it’s advisable to set up streams for your accounts. It’s not only easier to view content this way by filtering out what you don’t want to see to save time but without streams you’ll be missing out on valuable data. Set up a new stream from the Priority Inbox by clicking new stream and follow the options in the left hand list.
 Sendible boasts a rich publishing feature, allowing you to schedule quality content for your audience and boost engagement.

To create a queue, select the Engage tab, choose queued from the left hand list. To start adding to your queue select a day from the left hand list. You can pick an exact time yourself or let the platform pick an optimal posting time for you. Smart Queue was created to help you analyze when it’s best to post and allow you to alter your schedule easily to gauge response.

Optimal posting times are extremely useful as they’re correlated from your live analytical data but you should bear in mind that optimal posting times are calculated for all your accounts overall rather than one specific account. You’ll able to amend, delete, edit and export the same way you would for your messages function.

Taking a jump off from queue feature, this is where the calendar begins to shine and show its versatility. Not only will it help you manage all queued and scheduled, sent messages and posts but it’s drag and drop feature with a clean interface to help you clearly plan ahead, hovering over anything listed on the calendar in the weekly or monthly format will give you further details.

This is perfect for team collaboration, but it certainly isn’t the only collaboration feature Sendible offers. Other features are available to let you add users and assign team projects from the Calendar, Priority Inbox or the Manage tab.

You don’t need to just keep assignments between you and them, it can be a group effort or assign a team member to a specific client — click assign from the left hand menu and the drop down list of users will appear and you can adjust permissions for individuals or specific tasks.
 Strong CRM is integrated to help you build and maintain client contact info. Add notes, history or comments for other team members to see.

The Monitor tab contains everything from your keywords and branding to reviews left by customers and mentions of your business beyond your feed. Set up keywords and branding monitoring by following the options. You’ll be asked what keywords to include/ignore and pinpointed branding. You can also monitor what’s trending on your social media accounts through the Monitor tab, using the search feature and filter.

It’s clear sendible means business. Handling both the daily aspects of social media and offering you the tools to manage and grow your company’s presence online.

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