10-second breakdown:

Named after the famous Gantt chart that all project managers known and love, TeamGantt offers all of the features you would expect but delivers them in a hassle-free manner. Getting your team on board with this service is easy due to their incredibly intuitive interface.

TeamGantt is used in medium (51–1,000 employees) and enterprise companies (1,000+ employees).

The good:

Getting started is quick and seamless. As the name implies the foundation of this cloud service is the Gantt chart, which is easy to read and understand. They further cement this ‘at-a-glance’ approach with simple color coding and a sidebar for easy access to all projects.

The bad:

Any updates done to a project can’t be seen in real time, each user will have to refresh their screen, which may cause problems for bigger projects with multiple collaborators. Default email notifications, which can be changed, but if not will leave you with numerous daily reminders.

How it works:

As you might have guessed from the company name, TeamGantt’s project management software is focused around providing rich, detailed Gantt charts that are a snap to modify to your liking.

If you’re a visual learner you can’t go wrong with TeamGantt, the software is designed to be visually appealing with tons of drag and drop functionality. You can add tasks, move them around, modify lengths and more by simply dragging them around. There’s a handy graph at the bottom of the chart telling you how many tasks each person is assigned at a glance. The graph makes it easy to keep a more balanced workload and ensure everyone is working!

The simple drag and drop design was put to use for project planning as well. The software makes it easy for any team member to add tasks to a list, and managers can rearrange the list based on their priorities and how urgent the tasks are. Need to give someone more time? No problem, give your employees a little more time by literally stretching out the task.

The focus on making everything stress-free and approachable means that progress tracking is easy to manage as well. You can get a chart to track any individual project, task or even rescue with just a few clicks. Percent completed reports are just as easy to bring up to see who’s accomplishing what they set out to do this week. You can also pile on multiple projects to the same Gantt chart if, for instance, two departments are collaborating and you want one single combined chart to see what tasks are being worked on simultaneously.

The neat part about TeamGantt’s software is the sheer number of filters you can apply to the data. It wasn’t enough to make it color coded and easy to modify, there are quite a few ways you can modify the data displayed as well. Want to see one particular resource? Sure thing. Want to see which tasks are due this Friday, so you can adjust them to account for the company picnic? You got it! Want to only see priority tasks due this week from a certain team member? Absolutely!

Collaboration was built into almost all of TeamGantt’s features as well. Although it doesn’t have a native built-in instant message system, that doesn’t mean team members have to be left in the cold. You can comment on any tasks in the project, tasks support document attachments and all of these are in real time. Instead of going out to your email client and sending things out, you can do it all within the TeamGantt program. There’s also a handy little feature you can enable that will email all users in the morning who have an important task due that day, giving them a little nudge.

Unlike a lot of competitors, TeamGantt doesn’t offer a free version to try their software out. They do offer a no credit card 30-day free trial, so you can still take it for a test drive before you decide to commit or not.

All of the paid packages contain everything we discussed above, no functionalities are cut for the cheaper options. The differences are the number of max users you’re allowed, max storage space and the maximum number of projects.

TeamGantt’s cheapest option is their ‘Individual’ plan, it comes with 1 user, 5 current projects and 1GB storage for $10 flat rate a month.

Next up is their ‘Basic’ plan, it still comes with all the features but now you get up to 5 users max, 10 current projects and 5 GB file storage. Basic comes to $29 a month.

‘Team’ is the next step up, it’s $49 per month and includes a maximum of 20 users, 20 current projects and they bumped the storage to 15 GB.

‘Pro’ is their next option up, it includes an unlimited number of users, 75 current projects and 30 GB file storage for $99 a month.

Last but not least is TeamGantt’s ‘Unlimited’ option. With this plan, you’re allowed unlimited users, unlimited projects and the storage is set at a whopping 100 GB. It’s also the most expensive at $249 a month.

Deciding on which plan you want is a little bit different than simply picking one and hitting ‘buy.’ Instead of picking one at the onset, TeamGantt has you try the 30-day free trial first. Then at the end of the trial if you like the program you can give them your payment details and pick which plan you want to go with.

TeamGantt is focused on keeping you on top of your projects and teams. It really shines through with their massive amount of customizations you can do to their namesake Gantt charts. If you have a medium or larger company with a lot of moving parts that you want to keep tabs on, TeamGantt is a very viable option!

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