Overview: With their sole focus being managed WordPress Hosting, WP Engine has positioned themselves as experts in their field. Even though they are a little more expensive you are paying for their tailored support and features.


Personal: $29/mo for WordPress hosting.

Professional: $99/mo for WordPress hosting.

Business: $249/mo for WordPress hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any blogger or aspiring webmaster will do well with WP Engine’s support and assistance with their WordPress site.


Unique Features:

Unique and Powerful Search Plugin: Having a good search plugin can be essential for your WordPress site. Visitors who come to your site are going to use the search function often to get to the keyword, page or even sub-category they want, and they will want fast and accurate results. Search results that take a long time to return may result in the viewer moving away from your site, and inaccurate results may result in the customer becoming frustrated. WordPress automatically includes a search function, however, this comes with a simple MySQL query to obtain results which isn’t suggested as it can be stiff and inflexible to use.
 The web hosting service WP Engine is now releasing a search plugin called WP Engine Search. It is a brand new search plugin that aims to offer the fastest and most accurate search experience for users. WP Engine Search is powered by Elastisearch which offers many advanced features unheard of from other web hosting services. These include using real-time data (which means all data is immediately available for search and analysis), real-time advanced analytics (allows you to interactively search and analyze your insights), full text search (with a powerful API that supports a multi-lingual search), being developer friendly (has a simple restful API using JSON over HTTP), per operation persistence (to prevent any data loss by recording transaction logs in multiple nodes), and now available under Apache 2 license (of all the open source licenses available, this is one of the most flexible). On top of all this, the new Elastisearch 2.3 version can re-index API data without it ever leaving the cluster.

Automatic and Manual Backup Feature: One of the last things you want to experience is changing specific features on your WordPress site and inadvertently messing everything up. This may make you nervous when you are making changes, and extremely frustrated when something does actually go wrong. On top of this, other factors such as potential security breaches and unwanted viruses should also make you think twice and backup your website (and database) regularly.
 WP Engine has introduced a concept called snapshot backups. A snapshot allows you not only to backup all your data at that moment, it also acts as a restore point so that if you want to go back to that exact moment in time (and all the data you had at that time), you can simply flip back. This can be useful for many reasons, such as if you want to completely revamp your site, but still want your original version to go back to as a backup. Each snapshot takes only seconds to create and captures your content, themes, and plugins (as well as being downloadable).
 In addition to providing on demands snapshots, WP Engine is also unique in that it also takes daily backups of your site, just in case you forget to backup individually. Both on-demand snapshots and daily backups are stored in a separate location from your site so that even if your primary data was destroyed, you can easily re-retrieve your data.

Secure WordPress: Another unique feature about WP Engine is its excellent security and safety features to help keep your WordPress site protected. Having a hacker take over your website, or even having all your information stolen can be costly both in terms of time and money. This is why WP Engine has various features which can help provide your WordPress site with that extra dosage of protection it needs to keep it 100% protected.
 Firstly, it provides managed patching and updates which means that they can automatically update your installs (and provide upgrades to current versions of WordPress) whenever minor patches are released. They provide real-time security threat detection which means that even the most sophisticated XML-RPC attacks can be blocked (WP Engine blocks millions of attacks each day). On top of all this, they also provide other features such as enterprise-grade infrastructure, a well-tuned technology stack, together with security audits and code reviews. To top off all of these extra security features, they can offer you the incredible peace of mind that if for some reason your website does get hacked, they will fix it all for you completely free. This in itself will save you a substantial amount of money by avoiding hefty consultant fees.


  • One Focus: WP Engine only does managed WordPress hosting so you know your site is in the hands of an expert.
  • Uptime Guarantee: They do offer a 100% uptime guarantee with a 5% credit for each downtime hour.
  • Moneyback guarantee: They offer a 60 day money back guarantee with no cancellation fee.
  • Scalable: Built on EverCache, they deliver fast, reliable, and scalable sites.
  • Secure: Real-time security threat detection and security audit and code reviews. In the event that your site is hack then WP Engine will fix your site for free.


  • WP Dashboard only: Users looking for the familiar CPanel or Plesk won’t find it here.
  • Customer Support:WP Engine claims to have support available 24/7/365 but telephone support is only provided between 9am and 6pm and users report long waits for chat and email.
  • Long Migration:WP engine offers free migrations but support is lacking. They have the process detailed out for you to follow in the SupportGarage.


WP Engine essentially started the whole Managed WordPress Hosting business and have come to excel in their field. When it comes to Managed WordPress hosting, there is no doubt that they are one of the bigger and reputable companies out there. They are certainly not the cheapest in the market but offer plenty of value for money.

Takeaway: If you are a simple customer looking to just start a small blog online, then WP Engine may not necessarily be suited to you. However, if you are someone scaling up your personal, or professional site, then the unique speed, security, and excellent customer service WP Engine provides for WordPress users can’t be beat.

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