F*ck the Party Establishment!
Saib Bilaval

The primaries have always been rigged. They served to galvanize support in a world where people didnt have access to the information needed to make an informed decision. Along comes the “party”, they’ve found the best, and its so simple if you just follow us. Before you know it we’re less informed than we ever were. Now we have about 20 million voters nominating 2 candidates who are supposedly the best we have available. Unfortunately, this time the system has given us two egotistical maniacs for candidates, one of which is a pathological liar who would condone anything as long as it leads to her elevation to godhead and with the other being a hateful racist curmudgeon without a lick of political experience. Its time to abandon the party primaries for a new way of finding and selecting potential candidates. #IStandWithBernie

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