Whoa, A Bipartisan Healthcare Deal! Trump’s On Board, Er…Right?

Why no Medicare for all. Well heres a couple of reasons.

We only need a Health Care plan for people that dont get one through Medicare or their employer.

I worked hard for 30 years and have health care paid for through my employer for which I pay $182 a month. Even going to cover my part B once I go on Medicare next. Know what will happen to my coverage once a Medicare for all plan goes into effect. My employer will drop his health care coverage and there goes a benefit I worked hare for. (unlike most of my sit at home, i cant work in an office, I get to drink for cheap as a bartender) If thats the life you want fine, but dont expect me to pay your way, I’ve already paid more in taxes than most of my acquaintances have earned in their life.

I have many acquaintances who bought into the first year of ACA claiming it was the best thing in the world but then when the 2nd year came around it turned out that, all they wanted was free health care because every one of them bailed on making insurance payments when they’re not sick. Thats why the insurance co-ops have failed. They didnt make participation in the program mandatory.

Catastrophic insurance. If you cant afford regular insurance, you cant afford catastrophic insurance.

Sorry I’m not on board with “Medicare for all”. Fix the 15–18% of the market that doesnt have reasonable coverage. That fix should include premiums and co-pays that are part of your taxes so you cant get out of paying it.

No one wants to make the hard choices.