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If he appoints her as CEO or has the board do so then it is lega. Unlike Lieberals he knows business and like any good business man how to use the rules and regulations in hid favor. That is what has made him a successful.

This is waht a smart businessman does. It is called Capitalism which is what we live in and with his election we have 4 years to remove every trace of socialism form our government and return the power where it rightly belongs to the people. We can remove laws, Executive Orders, put Conservatives on the Supreme, shut down unneeded rules and regulations that make it difficult to have s profitable business, stop government land grabs, enforce all immigration laws, ( Sanctuary Cities do not have to help ICE or The FBI or US Marshals but if they try to interfere they can be charged wit a Federal Felony). Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs can be arrested and tried in a Federal Court. If the police dept. is ordered to obstruct then if necessary Martial Law could be declared. That could mean that parts of 101st Airborne, 1st Infantry, 1st Air Cav. or National Guard and Reserves could be detached. Do any of you dumb-ass Lieberals really want to live the The Us. Military making the rules.

Remember most are Conservative and would probably view it as an act of anarchy or revelation. The reason that they carry Military Assault Weapons not semi auto weapons but full auto, that they have trained Snipers, Attack Helicopters, Motors, Artillery, Jet Fighters, Bombers, tanks is because their job is to kill people they are not police in fact they are not trained to handle policing but they are war fighters and whil it is bee reduced to a rediculous low they are still the best trained in the worl and the best at their busineess of killing those who oppose them and business has been good, They don’t stop and frisk they are trained in brutality and many have had to use it in war, they do not ask they order, if faced with hostility they respond with force. This a game that thay the play to win. Most of you have never seen a Combat Veteran in full Combat mode it is at the same time frighting and beautiful remer this is ther job. If they have brrn in Combat they do not stop to be nice the rspond with reflexes tuned to kill or be killed it has become automatic they have faced death and are hardened to it, they have fought for their life and survived by making sure that the killed enough of the enemy to force surrender or anialiate them. Either way the live and the others died that is their. I am a tout Vietnam Veteran who has been in Combat 45 plus years ago and and you cannot understand the changes because you have never been there or done that as is often said. I hope that it never happens in America.

I hope this is not seen as a threat but as a cautionary warning to make you think about consequences.