Photo by Tony Armstrong-Sly via Flickr

Life Was Never Meant to Be Easy.

A simple life doesn’t mean an easy one.

Life is a gift; a gift defined as the condition that distinguishes us from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction and functional activity. Sounds simple, almost easy in fact. The truth is, life was never meant to be easy..

Accepting this truth alone, can be one of our greatest undertakings. It’s only after accepting and even welcoming this certainty that we truly gain the capacity for growth, true functionality and the ability to, quite literally, re-produce.

As the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy .” You can either allow this to be enlightening or let it be disheartening. It will seem like when conflict arises — which side we fall on is beyond our control, but upon taking responsibility we can see that we always get to choose where we land.

Struggles, hardships and challenges are all part of the life we have been granted. We have to learn to see these obstacles as presents from a greater power, meant to aid our spirits in growing by first teaching us to withstand the storm, and then showing us to value the sunshine.

This is the universe’s way of fostering change and nurturing growth within us. Just as a flower first needs water and then sunlight to blossom, so do our souls in order to flourish and prosper.

Water can cascade onto our souls in the form of pain, grief and sorrow. Understand that these sentiments can be substantial and are meant to wash away or purge the parts of us that were once vital to our survival but are no longer beneficial to our well being.

Welcome these feelings — Pain is the lesson we must learn. Grief comes when we relinquish our need to cling to old patterns. Sorrow has no choice but to follow, as we must mourn the loss of our former selves.

Sunshine will reveal itself to our hearts as understanding, joy and contentment. Realize that these emotions will act as light beams and are meant to reward us for our willingness to change and our bravery to stand strong during the rainstorm.

Appreciate these moments of wisdom — Understanding is when we finally grasp the lesson we were meant to learn. Joy is celebrating our courage to let go of who we once were. Contentment is the welcoming of our more flourished and illuminated self.
These are the origins of life..
  • The opportunity to increase our capacity for continual growth through pain and suffering.
  • The ability to re-produce change in ourselves through persistence and tolerance.
  • The function to surmount any trial we are led to with stoicism and serenity.

Life is a gift. A gift that can’t be promised tomorrow — but can be cherished today. The truth is, life is meant to be simple but it was never meant to be easy.

These are things worth contemplating…