The War Against the Worlds Best Tobacco Harm Reduction Device is Just Getting Started

Wayne Walker
Dec 31, 2017 · 5 min read
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It’s quite sad that in today’s world, a new technology can arise and have the potential to eradicate one of the leading killers in today’s society, yet be squandered and pummeled through big money and governmental collusion. The technology I’m talking about is of course, vaping. According to the CDC, smoking claims 6 million deaths worldwide annually, with that figure hitting 8 million by 2020. These are gigantic numbers that somehow don’t quite have the “bite” that other preventable deaths receive like obesity or drug use. Smoking is mostly a scourge on society, and everyone knows this yet still many take part in. No one fully understands the implications smoking can cause on not just on the participant, but their family and friends as well. Deaths associated with smoking are understood and even expected, but aren’t taken nearly as seriously as “gluten”. Smoking doesn’t just cause lung cancer or throat cancer, but a myriad of deadly and debilitating diseases that can sneak up on anyone even in the vicinity of tobacco smoke. It’s a problem for every living human on this planet.

But all that can basically be mitigated by vaping. A technology that’s proven to be more effective than gums, patches, and cessation pills COMBINED. A technology that has, since its inception, been studied mercilessly with no proof of any real, lasting, damage. I’m living proof. My father is living proof. My fiancé is living proof. And dozens other friends and family members are living proof that vaping works, and works tremendously fast. There is a reason that one of YouTube’s biggest channels with nearly 1 million subscribers, RipTrippers, is a channel strictly dedicated to vaping devices and innovations. There’s a reason vaping exploded into the billion dollar industry it is today in just a short seven years. That reason being, it works. Never before have we seen a technology that was so effective against combustible tobacco.

And because of this, it can’t exist.

I don’t want to go too deep into the technical reasons as to why Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are collaborating to rid the world of vaping. A quick Google search for “Master Settlement Agreement” will give you all you need to know about the massive collusion between Big Tobacco and the United States Government. I mainly want to highlight to my industry that 2018 is going to be the year that can either make, or break, vaping in the United States.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, a person the industry once praised as “Trump’s answer” to the Democratic party’s FDA regime, has recently come out with a new initiative against vaping. This time, it’s against the industry’s main tool in the success of the technology. Flavors. Because e-liquid (the consumable part of the vaping device that contains the nicotine) can come in thousands of tasty flavors, it allows the participant to find and customize their vaping experience to best fit them. This is instrumental in keeping the user vaping and ultimately, away from tobacco. Not only this, but it also keeps the user engaged in the vaping ecosystem, much like how wine connoisseurs like to enjoy different types & flavors of wine. The whole goal is to keep the user occupied enough so they fully detox from cigarettes (or other traditional tobacco products), and eventually quit. But because many of these e-liquid developers have gotten so good at creating delicious flavors, with these products containing nicotine there seems to be this notion that vaping itself is now just an “alternative” to tobacco. Something so unbelievably false it hurts my core.

It’s not to just trade addictions, but to transition to a SAFER and LESS HARMFUL alternative.

Sure, there can be an argument that many vapers are trading one addiction for another. But that’s the entire point. It’s not to just trade addictions, but to transition to a SAFER and LESS HARMFUL alternative. Thus, the reason we call these products “Tobacco Harm Reduction” devices. But this isn’t stopping the FDA from going after the industry. Instead of taking a science based approach, looking at the data to make informed and rational decisions to develop regulation, the FDA has decided to just let money talk. And since Big Tobacco has Big Pockets, it seems they have the final say in how these regulations will be formed. The collusion between the FDA and Big Tobaccos is vast. What’s sickening is how they do so under the guise that it’s “for the children”. The reason the FDA states they want to remove flavors from vapor products is because they believe all the different types of flavors are appealing to children. They use statistics like “more children today are using vapor products than smoking”, yet ignore the fact this is much better than having millions of children addicted to cigarettes. You see, the FDA doesn’t believe vaping is any better than smoking. This is something that can be blamed entirely on our industry. But we all know the real reason the FDA wants to rid vaping of flavors. Because it will make them more money.

Here I written an article detailing what this new initiative the FDA is taking will do for the future of vaping. Long story short, the industry now more than ever before, needs to come together. If the FDA can effectively ban flavors from being in vapor products it will be the demise of vaping as we know it. What the public doesn’t know about vaping, is that it’s filled with thousands of small businesses. Vaping was a grassroots movement that gained traction because of its success rate. Though, the FDA paints a picture that the industry is nothing but a big tobacco-esque villain, preying on the weak. The vaping industry needs to get ready for the long legal battles to come this year. And the industry also needs to start relaying the good science it produces to the public. Not too mention cleaning up some of the immature marketing these products can have. Public image will tremendously help the fight against the FDA, and right now, we’re losing that battle. There are many great people in the vaping industry that are readying the helm. But that’s not enough and there needs to be more unity within the entire vaping community to win this year. Then hopefully, we can just get back to getting people off of cigarettes.

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