One of Toronto’s three “Chinatowns.” It may not be exotic to grow Chinese foods locally, but it’s a lot fresher and better for jobs and the environment.

Can a new ethic about “ethnic” foods transform our food system to be more diverse, inclusive & local?

That is the glocalization question. In a world of multicultural cities, it is fast becoming the sleeper issue for people seeking ways to a robust and resilient local food economy. That’s the opportunity this blog explores.

Anan Lololi, founder of AfriCan Food Basket, one of Toronto’s early champions of locally grown world crops
Here’s the latest and hottest new food in New York, from Georgia, at the crossroads of Asia and the Middle East
Global foods are but a click away
Global gourmets love the food & experience and bring home a taste for adventure
The people side of food disrupted our way of seeing food and created the modern food movement
All of a sudden, people, not agriculture or nutrition, came to the foreground of food. And human agency came with it.
leaders of the Guelph research team for Eat Local, Taste Global: left to right, Bamidele Adekunle, Glen Filson and Sridharan Sethuratnam
Michael Sacco (bottom, right) of ChocoSol Traders took me and Lori Stahlbrand (top right) to the jungles of Mexico to find cacao and other delicacies invented and domesticated there by Mayans, long before 1492. Sacco grows maize (corn) and many other items used in Mayan cuisine locally, but stays true to Mayan traditions so his products are glocal.
I got to witness the first agency of deliberate eating
The faces of child gardeners liberated by personal agency
mindless eating has long been an assumption of industrial food systems thinkers who think food goes fro farm to table and hand to mouth without much agency
Jaws and digestive systems are now understood to be central to human evolution; the big brain needed a big jaw, digestive system and mouth to get the energy the brain deeded
Serious scholars are now sinking their teeth into the agency of food.
Pairing a book on agency and diverse retailing allows us to see food for newcomers as part of providing agency for newcomers
Language and menus and food offerings all need to change as we get our mind out of the “immigrant” mindset
Rob Baan of KoppertCress near Amsterdam credits all the innovations in Dutch greenhouses to the “business ecosystem” based on teamwork across a region. Agency can be collective as well as personal.
Dushan Batrovic, a software designer turned backyard garden promoter, a change he credits to his Serbian newcomer family’s love of fresh traditional foods. he’s the founder of a disruptive company, Seed Voyage.
Toronto responds to the murder of ten pedestrians in multicultural North York and responds by embracing inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism: April 2018
You never know where you’ll find local food and drink. I’m at the Host Fine Indian Cuisine with Jennifer Sumner, one of Canada’s leading food academics, who’s treating me after my presentation to her graduate class in food studies at OISE. Out of curiosity, Jennifer checked to see where the Indian beer came from. Surprise, it was brewed in Toronto!

I speak & consult internationally on city-based food policy councils & skills needed by food organizers. See bio in Wikipedia.

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