Analysis of Credibility


The article from Harford Courant : “ Debate Over Recreational Marijuana Heats up At Capitol” published by Gregory B. Hladky and Nicholas Rondinone on March 7, 2017. The authors reported that supporters of legalizing marijuana in Connecticut argued that the government should control the tax of marijuana in the same way as alcohol; and the authors also argued that the marijuana prohibition has failed. First the author stated that legislative thinking of legalization of recreational marijuana could be the turning point or an ending for illegal market by bringing new tax revenue and creating new jobs. In addition, the authors insisted the that the member of the legislature pointing the downside of the legalization of marijuana. Furthermore, the authors provided evidence on each side of Pros and Cons for legalizing marijuana. Lastly, they argued that we still don’t know how Mr. Donald Trump’ administration will respond to this case in the future.

To effectively show the public that the information in this article is credible and trustworthy, the authors (Hladky and Rondinone ) provided many hyperlinks and reliable facts which fulfills the requirements of a credible article.

Reliability of the Website and Authors:

According to, the website, Hartford Courant, is the country’s oldest newspaper in continuous publication. Both authors from this article, Gregory B. Hladky and Nicholas Rondinone, are the reporter of the site Hartford Courant. Especially Gregory B. Hladky, he was a State Capitol bureau chief for the New Haven Register, and he also written for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Connecticut Magazine and other publications. Moreover, Nicholas Rondinone was graduated from the University of Connecticut and he mainly concentrates on reporting news on incidents that happens in Connecticut. With their experiences of reporting breaking news, the ability to contact the reporters, and the reputation of the website, which makes the article credible.

Inserts of Hyperlinks and Sources:

Both authors provided many hyperlinks and sources to inform the audience what their topic were about. For example, when they were insisting that a professor of psychiatry is stating that no question that marijuana is addictive, “ But a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, Deepak Cyril D’ Souza, warned against the legalization bill. ‘There is absolutely no question that cannabis is addictive.’” The hyperlink that the authors provided gave the reader an idea about who is Deepak Cyril D’ Souza, and information, different news, and articles about Yale University. The sources give the readers ideas to decide whether the quote that authors provide is trustworthy or not; at the same time it also helps to strengthen authors’ arguments. Another quote that also has hyperlink. “It is unclear how President Donald Trump’s administration will respond to the pot legalization movement.” With the hyperlink that the authors inserted into this quote, it redirected the reader to a page that has all the articles and news about what President Donald Trump had said and done in the past and current. These two quotes clearly showed how the authors provided reliable hyperlinks and sources to readers in their article. In addition, the sources provide readers the full knowledge of where the information are coming from when reading their arguments and specific event that they are reporting.

Even though the videos that the authors posted are all edited and originally from Hartford Courant, but the editor provide specific details of who are giving a speech to the public such as the state representative, Connecticut AAA, and CT. the state representative. The speeches are all about their perspective and arguments about the legalization of marijuana, which helps to strengthen the reliability, the authors arguments, and evidence that they mentioned in the article.


After reading this article, I confirmed that the reporters’ profiles are reliable because the writing style and evidence in the article showed that these two authors are experts on writing political events and article.I also confirmed that this article is credible, because the facts that the authors provided have many hyperlinks and sources which redirect the reader to find information that are related to the specific topic that they mentioned in the article.

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