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Yes, It’s Bad for You, Don’t Lie to Yourself

Everyone has different perspective on marijuana, when you can smell the taste of pot while you are in the public area or just walking down to the street how do you feel about this community? There are more and more states allowing their residents to use marijuana, that’s the reason why that we are seeing so much people smoking weed around the city. According to “Medical marijuana in California- a history.” In the Lost Angeles Times by Scott Imler, Imler acknowledged that California had become another state that legalized the use of recreational marijuana, which leads the state of California to impose taxes on planting marijuana and the taxes of retail marijuana. These taxes that the government collects can be spent on medical research, and to prevent the increase of crime rate and violence that were created by the people who use recreational marijuana. it can also decrease the crime rate by making crime organizations have less fund to support their members. Although people have been using marijuana in different purpose for decades, it is also the most popular recreational drug worldwide. However, unlike many other recreational drugs, marijuana is widely used as a medicine as well. Most of the time when we talk about marijuana we can only think of the negative effects that will react to our body, many people have close to zero to no knowledge about what marijuana can do to their bodies. After some of our states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, we can see many accidents that were caused by consuming marijuana and our government ignored the fact that marijuana can be used as medical purpose. Marijuana can be both a medicine and a recreational drug, but separating one form the other isn’t simple. Which brings up a question for us What are the differences between recreational and medical marijuana, and why Should Recreational Marijuana be Banned and Support Medical Marijuana instead?

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana has many downsides, and although it has less harm than most of the recreational drugs and increases the taxes that our government can collect, it is hard for us to fully support recreational marijuana. I’ve conducted a survey on college students about their knowledge about marijuana. The results are shocking that most of the respondents have heard of medical marijuana can treat one or more specific health conditions, and they all live in the state of California, and more than half of the respondents chose they don’t support the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. What are the results mean? It means that even though the states of California have been legalized the use of recreational marijuana, most of the college students are not willing to support recreational use of marijuana. Recreational marijuana means that It is for people to consume marijuana for fun, most people use recreational marijuana because they were influenced by their peers, family, or role model. Over consumption of recreational marijuana could influence blood sugar levels for inexperienced users the result can be more dramatic, it can result in a huge drop of blood sugar levels that may lead to weakness, sickness or even temporary unconsciousness. Recreational marijuana also creating issues in the society too. In the New York Times article, “Race and Marijuana Arrests” by The Editorial Board, the author mentioned: “Despite department policy, and that police officers turn a blind eye to marijuana use in affluent white areas while bearing done on it in minority communities.” It shows that the police department in New York are like police brutality, which only chose specific groups of people to arrests on when they are using marijuana. Which creates inequality to our community that brings back our memories of the U.S history, where people from different countries got treated very differently. Another problem that legalization of marijuana created was that “Female Pot Farm Workers say Sexual Assaults on the Rise.” In the article from the ABC7 news by Dan Noyes, Noyes stated that “Marijuana is becoming more mainstream after California voted for recreational use. And now, the industry has to deal with a dark secret- the sexual assault of female pot farm workers in an area known as the Emerald Triangle.” Since selling marijuana can make a lot of profits, the farm workers are highly paid to work at the pot-farm. Which causes the farm owners to offer the female workers immorality trades for them to take off clothes while they are working in the pot-farm. Although marijuana has many downsides, it can be also used as medicine to cure certain health conditions.

Medical Marijuana

Now that we know recreational marijuana has no positive benefit to us, should we focus more on medical marijuana? The term medical marijuana refers to using the unprocessed marijuana plant to treat symptoms of illness and other health conditions. But medical marijuana is not as popular as recreational marijuana in the states, according to the article from the New York Times “Scientist to Government make it Easier to Study Marijuana” by The Editorial Board, the author states: “Even as more and more states allow their residents to use marijuana, federal government is continuing to obstruct scientist from studying whether the drug is good or bad for people’s health.” Government is not allowing scientist to do research on medical marijuana, people might think that our government is innocent when we argue about marijuana, no it is wrong. According to the website The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it stated “FDA understands that caregiver and patients are looking for treatment options for unmet medical needs.” From this quote, it shows that FDA understands that there are patients out there really need medical marijuana to cure certain health conditions, but FDA has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as a safe and effective medicine. However, scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, which FDA has approved that these medications contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. If our government continue to do researches on cannabinoids, it may lead to more medications. Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illness and symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes. In fact, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use. According to a TED talk video” Making Peace with Cannabis,” by Zach Walsh, Walsh acknowledged that” Even as recently as just a little over a hundred years ago Queen Victoria was using cannabis extracts offer therapeutic purposes.” From this statement that Walsh stated from his video, shows that medical marijuana has been a popular medicine in the early ages of history.

Differences between Recreational and Medical marijuana.

So, what are the main differences between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana? According to the article “A powerful new form of medical marijuana, without the high” from the Washington Post, by David Kohn, Kohn explained that “ In the cannabis plant, CBD and THC generally have an inverse relationship: The more THC there is, the less CBD, and vice versa.” What Kohn said was that medical marijuana and recreational marijuana contains different ingredients. Although, Medical marijuana has more CBD content, and recreational marijuana has more THC. The ingredients that marijuana contains are CBD and THC, CBD is the ingredient of marijuana that can make it medical. The higher the CBD, the lower the strength of high that marijuana can provide. THC, on the other hand, is another ingredient inside of marijuana and it is what’s making people high. Just because medical marijuana has high CBD content doesn’t mean that it has low THC content. People use marijuana for different purpose , it depends on them to choose which type of marijuana they want.

Recreational Marijuana or Medical Marijuana?

Should we support recreational marijuana or medical marijuana? Throughout my research, I found out that most of the people are a little confused about the difference between medical and recreational marijuana, but after the evidences that I provide in pervious paragraphs I assume that it will draw a line between recreational and medical marijuana. Yes, you may argue that legalizing recreational use of marijuana can increase resident’s freedom of choice by giving chances for residents to make their own decisions to decide whether to smoke pot or not. At the same time, it increases the issues such as racial issues, and fatal car accidents in our community. Especially after it is being legalized for recreational use, according to the article from the Washington Times “Marijuana- related fatal car accidents surge in Washington state after legalization.” By Andrea Noble, Noble stated that “Roughly 10 percent of Washington state drivers involved in fatal car crashes between 2010 and 2014 tested positive for recent marijuana use, with the percentage of drivers who had used pot within hours of a crash doubling between 2013 and 2014.” We mostly hear fatal car accidents are caused by drunk drivers, but now we can see recreational marijuana users are involved in fatal car accidents after legalization. What that means is that recreational marijuana can also create the same amount of after effects as alcohol to the consumers, which leads to accidents that harms yourself and other innocents. On the other hand, medical marijuana is different, with the long history use for medicine, and doctor’s recommendation, patients can use it safely for pain relief or to cure certain health conditions. We should leave marijuana for the people that really need them, but not the people that use it just for fun. I believe that if we only legalize marijuana to use in medical purpose, can decrease the community issues, such as fatal accidents and racial equality. If scientist is permitted to do studies on medical marijuana, I believe that in the nearly future, we could have a clear answer of medical marijuana is legit or not.


Legalization of marijuana has both good and bad sides, which creates a lot of arguments and perspectives to us. To ensure marijuana is being used in the right way, I think the best to use it is for medical purpose only. Recreational use is not a bad idea, since it creates negative effects to the user’s surroundings such as the innocents and the consumer’s health. I think there are many other recreational drugs that can replace marijuana and have less negative effects too. We should leave marijuana for the people that really need them, but not the people that use it just for fun.

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