Sex, Lies, and Online Dating Profiles
Sandra Wade

I tried one or two dating sites a few years back, shortly after my divorce. The first thing I found was that “everyone” (in my short experience on them) lies…so why bother? I dropped off them and never looked back. Yes, you can probably find dates on there, and if you’re so inclined, some recreational sex with no strings attached. But a relationship? Not likely. I know that some have done it, but it’s a very small percentage. Chances are, those people would have worked out no matter how they met. I went back to the tried and true traditional method…the bar. But I tend to go to places where I know I’ll meet people that have at least some similar interest and where I’ll have friends there to talk to if no one else is interested. Networking events are awesome. Everyone still lies, but at least you know it….:-)

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