iTerm like it’s 2017

All these cool new Mac Apps have custom title bars, and well sometimes iTerm just feels a bit outdated. Temped to switch to something snazzier like Hyper? No need!

Not trying to bash on Hyper, it’s great — everything Zeit touch turns to gold.

iTerm Nightly has support for custom title bars and text padding as well 🍦

First you’ll need to download a nightly build, the open preferences and switch to the “Advanced” tab.

You can then search for “title” or “space” and tweak to your heart’s content!

I’m sure these settings, the dark title bar in particular, will be enabled by default in the near future.

p.s. I’m using the heart-warming Molotov color scheme in the cover image, along with the Pure prompt for zsh & Antibody to load plugins.

p.p.s I am greeted with a random Go proverb every time I open up a new terminal window. It keeps me on track 🦄

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