Enlightenment as a Skill — Part V: The Imbuing Practices

(Excerpted from Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being — a step-by-step guide to Enlightenment and Beyond .)

Witness consciousness — enlightenment — is a skill. A skill developed with practice — diligent practice. In many ways, it is like learning how to play a musical instrument. It’s not easy, and at first it may seem hopeless, but I can assure you, it is well within your capabilities.

A prerequisite to learning a musical instrument though, is we must first learn how to read music.

A prerequisite to learning “oneness” is we must first learn how to imbue.

Imbuing (Yin)

Imbuing is a mild form of samyama — of psychological absorption with an object. By imbuing our essence into an object, we are activating both the personal and impersonal parts of the brain. We are becoming one with the object we focus on.

Imbuing Through Touch: Lay the palm of your hand flat on the surface of a table (or any other large object). Notice that where your hand touches the table there is a felt sense of joining, or merging, with the table. Notice how your hand feels as if it almost blends into the table.

This felt sense of “blending into” is what I call imbuing.

Focus on the blending. Feel yourself imbuing the table with your essence. With your being.

Try to increase both the depth and width of this felt sense of “you” merging with the table. How deep into the table and how wide of an area can you imbue? How deep and wide can you fill the table with your being?

Try different techniques until you find the one that feels the most natural. Try imbuing with your essence, or with your being, or with your light, or with your love, or with your breath. Find one that works for you. In experimenting with techniques, always make it personal. Try sending your light into the table. Try sending your life force into the table. Try sending your love, your essence, your breath.

Find what works for you. Love, light, breath, essence, being. You may not even be able to name it, but use whatever experience feels the most natural. Always make it personal though. Always fill the table with you. You are imbuing the table with yourself.

Your goal is to imbue the table to a width and depth of at least two inches. Two inches around your hand. Two inches below it.

This is a subjective experience of course. No need to pull out a ruler. Just imbue the table as much as possible. The more your felt sense of imbuing is, the more “brightly lit” the two rooms of your brain have become.

Repeat with other objects: Practice imbuing other objects. Vary your practice with both large and small objects, both living and inanimate. Hold them, touch them and imbue them with your being.

Touch Afterglow: This one’s easy. Touch an object with your hand. Now remove your hand. Notice how your hand still has a “touch afterglow?” A sort of tingling in your hand as the nerves “remember” the touch? That’s all I mean by touch afterglow. You’ll need this for the next step.

Imbuing Through Touch and Sight: Lay your hand on an object. Imbue it. Now remove your hand and focus on two things: The touch afterglow, and the object you touched. Remain aware of the afterglow while imbuing the object through sight alone. It may help to experience this as guiding the afterglow from your hand, into your body, then out of your eyes and into the object.

Repeat with other objects — living and inanimate, large and small. Touch, imbue, remove, afterglow plus imbuing-by-sight.

Imbuing Through Sight Alone: Practice “touching” and imbuing through sight alone. Look at a object, one you can’t reach from where you’re sitting. Imbue it with your being though sight alone. Connect and fill it. Not with impersonal love or light or energy, but your love or light or energy. Look at an object and “touch” it with your eyes. Imbue it with “you.” Fill it completely.

Imbuing (Yang)

Once you’ve grown comfortable with imbuing through sight alone, go for a walk. As you walk about, imbue objects and people with your being. Infuse them with your essence. Notice how it feels. Notice how it connects you. Don’t be freaky or creepy about this (particularly with people), just glance at them, imbue them, and move on.

When you have visual imbuing down — when imbuing an object is as easy raising your hand — then you are ready for the next set of Witness practices: Enlightenment as a Skill — Part VI: The Uniting Practices.