Formless Awareness — Nirvikalpa Samadhi

My Yearly Brush With Snow
My Yearly Brush With Snow


April 4, 2017 9:43 AM

I awoke to snow. A few moments (seconds, minutes, hours?) earlier I was in, what is often called in Sanskrit, nirvikalpa samadhi — formless awareness.

This happens about once a week now but last night’s was the most… clear. I am aware, but not of any thing. A radiant, outward flowing awareness with no destination or intention. No other. No me even.

But, upon awakening I was struck by how almost all accounts of this “state” (quotes because it lies below all experience), seem to miss a key point: Love.

We are NOT just “pure awareness”. If you’ve ever experienced this state first hand (and are not just parroting what you’ve read), then you know this “state” is Love. Capital-L Love flowing outward. Aware Love.

Obviously, if you’ve never experienced this state, you won’t believe me. When you compare a nobody like me to any of the great, long-dead-and-thus-can’t-be-questioned sages, I’m — well, a nobody.

But consider this: If nirvikalpa samadhi — formless awareness WITHOUT love — is our highest state, then why is there anything else? What would motivate anything to form?

Many believe that all this is here because God grew bored and wanted to experience something/Himself. Why would God grow bored?

Why? Because Love is the life force. Even God wants to be happy. Even God is motivated by Love. And thus She created all this.

Formless awareness — nirvikalpa samadhi — is awareness AND Love.