Is It All Just A Dream?

July 14, 2017 10:44 AM

Many nondualists think that it is. That all THIS — the entire Universe — is just You-as-Pure-Awareness dreaming. None of THIS is real. It’s all illusion. It’s all Maya. Nothing need be taken seriously because nothing is real (except You (you egotistical bastard)).

About a week ago I received an email from a reader who was trying to resolve his experience of the Divine with the advice from his Dzogchen and Vedanta teachers. His teachers were telling him the Divine is “just a projection of the mind.”

The flaw here — as I stated in a similar post years ago — is that just because you can only be sure of You-as-Consciousness does not mean that there is no other (physical Reality).

That’s a huge error in logic: “I can’t be sure of the world so the world can’t be real.”

Something that fits the evidence more accurately — the implications of the siddhis, the drive of all life, the boundary-less nature of consciousness — is that You-as-God do indeed dream the Universe into existence, BUT — being God/Her — your dream becomes physical Reality… and you view Your dream through ALL manifest form (why be limited by just yourname thing, you egotistical fool?).

You — as the Divine — see the world through the eyes of that squirrel. You “see” the world through the senses of that blade of grass (and that rock and all the atoms and quarks and every other manifest thing).

Your experience is naturally limited by the senses of these forms and you believe what you perceive. The squirrel believes its experiences. The yourname believes its experiences. The rock believes its experiences (formless awareness — nirvikalpa samadhi).

Here’s the beauty of this You-as-God dreaming and being physical reality: Every interaction you have with “others” is an interaction with Yourself. Every time you hurt another being, you will/are hurting yourself. You — as Clear, Loving, Awareness — will/are experiencing the pain (or pleasure) yourname is inflicting upon that being.

A lifeless dream where nothing is important or real or meaningful? Or a dream where everything is real and important and meaningful?

Ultimately, they are both beliefs. One just has more evidence behind it… and is filled with Love and Beauty and the Divine.

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