Getting to know your Team

“group of people doing fist bumps” by rawpixel on Unsplash

There are a lot of things that usually cross our mind when we meet someone for the first time, getting to actually know them by interacting with them is what makes us identify who they are, what drives them and of course, their interests.

Working as a team requires you interact, understand and connect with your teammates. Connecting with your teammates is easier if you have an idea of what interests them. Through this, we can learn something new or even collude once a while and engage if you find that you share an interest with a teammate.

I am in a team of seven members and I will briefly talk about four of them.

There's Too, getting to know about this guy taught me something new, I never knew what the meaning of an Ambivert was until I meet him. He loves the concept of leadership and service and is driven by the belief that being part of a movement of people is the best way to grow. He also loves mandazi, which I consider one of my delicacies.

Then there’s Kwame. I can say he his a solid Technology enthusiast as he loves technology and all its aspects especially the programming aspect. He is intrigued by how to optimize processes and reduce the workload to a minimum. He also enjoys making artwork painting, drawing sculptures digital art. Plus he also loves to play military themed games which I really enjoy doing.

There’s Maryn, the only lady in the group. She likes to travel and hike. Besides developing software, she does hair-styling as an entrepreneurial practice which she really enjoys. She is also afraid of heights which I also am. And she enjoys watching a series considered a comedy for nerds called Big Bang Theory.

Finally, there’s Stephen, our team LFA, he is a cool and collected guy. He is instant, as he gives us feedback as fast as we submit our outputs and engages with us on how to handle our work in case we get stuck, he is also informative, supportive and understanding as he gives us resources on areas that we are not quite good at with the hope that we will improve on them.

The other team members are Mugoh, Makavura, and Mwangemi who are also as interesting in their own ways to interact and to work with. I know we will continue to interact and discover more about each other and ultimately connect more and grow our friendships with a solid base.