Women’s discrimination through history:

  • It’s a worldwide problem
  • The right of voting
  • Monarchy and its chauvinism
  • Eva Perón, an icon that represents the fight for the human rights to be for every gender.


Women’s discrimination through history

We live in a world where people tend to discriminate others just for being women but what we should really ask ourselves is if this problem has always been here, with us.

There can be no doubt that since humans were created, women had been treated as if they were less important than men. Day by day they have to live with having a job that they not deserve and being paid with a salary that is unfair.

Secondly, in the countries where monarchy ruled, kings could cheat on their wives but if a queen cheated on her husband they were instantly executed.

On the other hand, it’s generally agreed that somethings have improved throughout the centuries. For example, women weren’t allowed to vote which fact was extremely unacceptable because the right of voting for the one that will rule the country you are living in, should be unquestionable. On September 23rd of 1947, Juan Domingo Peron signed the decree on women’s access to vote, thanks to the influence that had Evita Peron on him. Nowadays we all have the opportunity of voting for the president we like the most for our country.

All in all, women’s discrimination is a problem that we have to face and that we have to solve. Somethings had been changed but there are plenty of others that haven’t.