Teenage depression

What you all may be wondering about is, why would a teenager suffer of depression if they are just kids. Well, there are plenty of facts that make them feel this way, and this essay is going to talk about those facts.

Most of the adolescents that attend school, are really concerned about what marks do they get and they believe it’s so important for their future that they are often afraid of receiving a bad mark. Schools tend to judge students just for how well they prepare their exams and this is when they cause a huge mistake. Apart of how sad was Holden for his brother’s death, the school wasn’t helping too much. Everytime he was expelled, his motivation was decreasing more and more because even though sometimes we may look like we don’t care, but we do, because we all feel satisfied with ourselves when we receive a good mark.

Secondly, the atmosphere at home influences a lot on teenagers. When parents are always fighting or mistreating their sons, they make them feel inferior to them. Words have to be said carefully, because they can be painful. Relating this with the story we’d read, Holden said once that his parents were always “occupied” and their lack of interest in their son, which he noticed, also make him feel that he wasn’t important

All in all, most of the adolescents have a low self-esteem and parents should pay attention to what is happening in their son’s life.

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