Fire Fighters :

It was a summer hot night and almost everyone was invited to the summer house of grandpa. Everyone was happy but Grandpa was the happiest. He was happy for lots of reasons, the new summer house in the mountains where you could see the river through the bedrooms windows. All his children and grand children were around. Another reason could be my new born brother and maybe some other reasons.

One of the interesting points was that the two floor house had four apartments, two in each floor and ours was in the second floor. There was also a cozy flat in the entrance where belonged to the grandparents and all members were gathered there.

The story starts the time we were going to sleep in our apartments in late night, when my mother lit the candles since the new house electricity was disconnected. I was only four years old and almost curious about anything, I saw that some insects were heading to the candles fire and burned.

“What are these?” I asked very astonished.

“They are moths,” Mom answered.

I tried to catch one and also I touched the fire of the candle and my finger got burned. I called mother. My mom jumped and took me to the kitchen and washed my finger. She rubbed some ointment for burns on my finger and called my father, 
“Hey man, why don’t you take care of her?” she said in a tired voice. 
“Don’t you see I am busy with the other one?” she continued.

Dad hugged me and tried to make me calm. 
“Why did you touch the fire my honey girl?” he asked me with a kind voice.

“I saw those little flying things went into

that fire,” I answered.

“They are the only creatures in the world who put themselves in the fire,” father answered confidently.

“They like that light, and think they can go to the light from the darkness,” he tried to make me understand.

It passed ten years now and since then I have never touched the fire.

It was about 40 days ago that I saw a crowd being gathered in the local fire station and trying to show sympathy to the fire fighters being as the members of that station. My father took me to the place and shook hand with the one who welcomed the people.

“Why are so many people gathered here, dad?” I asked astonished.

“They are here to show their sympathy for the 16 fire fighters being trapped and unfortunately dead in the fired tower,” He explained while I saw his eyes were full of tears.

It was a very impressing scene. People were crying while they had bunch of flowers, granting to the great soul of those folk heroes, because they died while trying to save other people from the fire blazes.

I also cried and thought how it is possible to put your sweet life in the fire to rescue others life.

I also remembered my father’s sentence who said that Those Moths were the only creatures that put themselves in the fire.

I found that for these brave guys, saving others lives is just finding the light and they do not like to remain in darkness. I respected them so much and thought that how pleasant it is to be a fire fighter.

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