@!fIgHt~Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II Live StReAmInG bOxInG fReE(TV)

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Feb 20 · 2 min read

@!fIgHt~Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II Live StReAmInG bOxInG fReE(TV)

The fight takes place Saturday, Feb. 22. The PPV starts 7 p.m. ET and the main event between Fury and Wilder is expected to take place around 11 p.m. ET. It is expected that the main event fight between Fury and Wilder will take place about 5 am. Sunday morning GMT.

Wilder vs Fury Live
Wilder vs Fury Live
Wilder vs Fury Live

Date: Saturday, February 22, 2020


Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Ways to Watch:

How to watch Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 fight: live stream details and TV channels.

The long awaited Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder rematch has almost arrived, with the two heavyweights resuming their rivalry on February 22nd in Las Vegas. Their first bout ended in a draw, leaving boxing fans all over the world at the thought of another fight leaking their eyes. And the wait is practically over. Both fighters justled with their mouths during the build-up. Wilder argues Fury is not in a position to knock him out.

Taking into account the drama of their first encounter — Fury’s knockdown, the controversial decision — the rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder could be the most awaited heavyweight bout since Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson nearly 18 years ago.

All Fury and Wilder brought that in the first war. For his smooth boxing and defense, Fury winning most fights, Wilder swinging wild and finally catching Fury with a punch that would probably have killed most mortal people. But somehow, Fury got to his feet, and … Won the remainder of the journey.

This one is unique mostly because championship fights like this, unlike in the UFC, never have an undercard worth watching. We know when the action itself starts, but it’s more tricky to know when Fury and Wilder are actually going to make the move.

Tv Channel:

You can go to ESPN+ here, and buy the PPV. It will set you back $80 (current subscribers) or $85 (new subscribers, including the service’s first month — which you can cancel at any time afterwards)


WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder and linear champion Tyson Fury will settle their “Unfinished Business” when they meet for their highly anticipated rematch in the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday. … How to watch Wilder vs Fury 2 in the U.S.

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