Get Best Shaver for A Clean And Smooth Shave

What is the best shaver for men?

It would seem that to buy the shaving machine is a good idea. A shaving machine runs on battery power, which can be charged.

What are the tips for a clean and smooth shave with an electric shaving machine?

Make sure that the stubble on your face is dry and stiff. It has to be clean too and sebum free, which means you could give it a pat down with an alcohol based pre-electric shave cleaner.

Hold the shaver at 90 degree angle to your face, using your free hand to pull the skin taut, so that the hairs to be shaved stand upright. Back and forth strokes are good for foil razors while circular motions suit the rotary ones.

Electric shavers heat up, so shave sensitive areas like the neck first while the shaver is still cool. Press lightly only and go over an area only once, not repeatedly.

Care for your shaver — clean it after use with a brush. Tapping on the edge of the sink to dislodge the shave residue is not a good idea.

What about a shaving razor?

The manual shaver or shaving razor is commonly used and comes in different shapes and sizes. Built with modern technology, they boast of features that are depicted in graphic advertisements that would put space technology to shame!

Turbo razors, flexball proglide, triple blades, five blade combinations, DLC coatings, cartridges, lubricating strips, the possibilities are endless for today’s man when it comes to shaving.

What are the tips for a good and clean shave with ordinary razors?

  1. Washing your face before shaving — this is to remove facial oil or sebum
  2. Use new blades regularly, in a traditional razor with double edged shaving razor blades
  3. Use a moisturizer regularly or shaving in the shower with an anti fog mirror makes it easier to cut facial hair.
  4. Avoid alcohol based shaving products like lotions. They increase the chances of razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hair. Some shaving lathers have alcohol. It is better to use a non foaming shaving cream with skin protecting ingredients like aloe vera.
  5. Use an alcohol free after shave lotion or balm which will keep the skin smooth and stop ingrown hair from growing.

A shaving kit is a useful thing, and is especially nice to get as a gift. Some websites allow you to choose your own razor, brush and stand thus making up your own shaving set. A men’s shaving kit consists of all four elements of a good shaving experience. Pre-shave oil, Shaving cream, a shaving brush and an after shave lotion or balm.

So whatever you use, nothing can stop you from having a clean and smooth shave.