Perfect Shave with a Safety Shaving Razor

The progressive technologies of today have sprouted many inventions and safety razor is one of the useful inventions which have found a place in the mens shaving kit. Shaving with a Safety shaving razor is a cheap and economical option for men who want to get a close shave, but couldn’t stomach the old idea of using a straight edge or “cut throat” razor as it is too dangerous for them.

Safety Razor for shaving was first invented in the latter part of the Nineteenth century and they were supposed to be of very high quality as they were designed in such a way that they can be used for long periods of time. It used a single blade with double edge and it was the first razor to ever use a blade which can be easily replaced once it is worn out.

As it used replaceable blades, a good Safety shaving razor gives many years of reliable service. These Safety razors for shaving are the best alternative to the daunting straight-edged or cut throat razor. These razors are being used by the millions of men all over the world to shave their faces safely for many years. The Safety razor isn’t like the cheap, common plastic razor. It mainly consisted of single blades that shave close to the skin in such a way that the upper surface of the skin remains intact without damaging the upper surface. Safety razor can be easily maintained and the best shaver for men will last for a considerable period of time.

Today shaving kit for men will always consist of safety razors and razor blades. If you want to have a close and smooth shave then you should follow these tips:

  • You should change your blade every week. This can make a great difference to your shaving routine and would help you to get the perfect shave you have been looking for.
  • You should remember that practicing daily would lead you to achieve that perfect shave as experience helps you to remove the common mistakes so you can achieve that perfect shave if you continue to practice daily putting time and effort.
  • Every man has a different beard. You need to use long strokes or short strokes depending upon the hair. If you have a thicker beard then you need to use short strokes. So what sounds perfect to others might not be perfect for you.
  • Remember to touch the safety bar of razor to your skin and don’t make the mistake of touching the blades directly to your skin as most cuts and nicks happen when there is a contact between the blades and skin.